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About me

I am a licensed Physiotherapist in Israel and Canada. 

I am also a certified Osteopath. 

I was born in USSR and made Aliya to Israel at the age of ten. 

I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degrees in Physiotherapy from Haifa University and Ben Gurion University (grad. 2008, 2013). My Master's graduation thesis was "Dry Needling for Scar Tissue"

I was a guest lecturer at the Wingate School for Massage Therapists, teaching Anatomy, Physiology and Orthopaedics. 
I have more than 13 years of experience in Israel, treating various musculoskeletal conditions both chronic and acute. With plenty of emphasis on high-demand athletes: ballet dancers, bodybuilders, weightlifters, and wrestlers.

For two seasons I was the Physiotherapist of Kolben Dance Company in Jerusalem, and now I'm a Physiotherapist at Fresco Modren Dance Company Tel Aviv. 

In my approach, I combine evidence-based, complementary, and best practices that include both classic and cutting-edge osteopathic medicine and physiotherapy.    

Without ongoing improvement, there will be no growth, so I devote myself to constant learning and professional development. 

Therefore, I take at least one, mostly two, post-graduate courses a year, participate in international seminars, conduct lectures and develop a unique approach based on leading treatment technologies and personal experience.    
This remarkable journey into the secrets of human nature is never meant to end. 

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