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Our Approach

Our body has the innate ability to self-heal.

Our task is to create the best possible conditions for this process

Most chronic musculoskeletal pain conditions can be successfully treated and even eventually resolved by a proper combination of hands-on treatment, therapeutic exercises, and correct nutrition. ​

Our Story

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At first, we have to provide a proper diagnosis for the patient and for the reasons of his complaints. 

We consult all available information from the medical records and laboratory tests (including imaging tests), as well as personal health history - a collection of anamnesis.

We conduct orthopaedic and osteopathic exams that aim to define primary and secondary factors responsible for the condition. This process includes orthopaedic testing, manual muscle testing, evaluation of neural tension, cranial and visceral diagnoses, palpation, and many more testing procedures

Hands-on Treatment

After having the full picture of the patient, complaints and dysfunctions, we start the hands-on treatment that is planned according to the findings.

The hands-on treatment might include soft tissue, fascia, and muscles mobilization, gentle osteopathic joint manipulation, the osteopathic manipulation of internal organs, manual treatment of cranial faults, western dry needling, and reflex therapy. During the treatment, we constantly continue to evaluate the condition of the patient and the relevance of the techniques performed.  

Therapeutic Exercises

Therapeutic exercises play a crucial role in a patient's rehabilitation process.

They will be prescribed as soon as possible to be performed at home or in a gym. We will ensure a proper performance technique and a gradual, painless load to increase the patient's function and wellbeing. Without exercises, there cannot be proper prevention of pain in the future. 

Internal Organs Health

Gradually over time both complementary and Evidence-based medicine fields acknowledge the role of internal organs condition in musculoskeletal dysfunctions and somatic pain. 

For example, many back pain conditions have underlying mechanisms of intestinal distress. Likewise, irritable bowel syndrome or sub-clinical chronic bladder infection might induce various painful conditions. Proper collection of anamnesis, patient's history and habits, osteopathic palpation might provide great insight into the underlying causes of the complaint. Not all of them can be treated mechanically - simply by manual manipulation or exercises. Occasionally there's a need for a change in the patient's dietary habits or for treatment by nutritional supplements and tinctures. Tested protocols and recommendations will be provided for the root cause treatment, or, when insufficient, the patient will be referred to the proper medical professional.  

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